Our Salmon Jerky Treats for dogs and cats are made from premium human grade wild Alaska salmon in a USDA inspected plant in Alaska. Wild Sky® Salmon Jerky is made from 97% premium wild salmon with the remaining ingredients being all natural. No nitrates or synthetic colorings or artificial flavors are ever used.

Salmon is not just a “super food” for humans but also offers a flavorful complete protein with beneficial Omega-3 oils for dogs and cats, providing a great tasting snack while helping to improve the overall health of your pet.

Professional trainers call these “Master Treats” and use them to reward special behavior. Most dogs will chew this product as is, but some small dogs and cats may need the jerky to be cut into smaller, easier to handle pieces. No wheat, corn or soy – No artificial preservatives.

Product Features

  • We usedd to sell these for more but we recently dropped the pricce because they sell so quickly we can buy in larger quantities.
  • Certified sustainable wild Alaska Salmon – No antibiotics, fillers or by-products
  • These are considered “Master treats” by professional dog trainers – used to train difficult tasks.
  • Made for dogs but cats love these too – No wheat, corn or soy
  • Rich in Omega 3’s to improve your dog’s health. Natural and certified sustainable