The healthiest snack for your furry friend

– Made in the USA from 100% American chicken

– No added nasty, foreign ingredients

– Perfect for training as they are easily breakable

– Low-odor so they won’t leave a smell on your hands

Choosing the right treat to reward your pet is easy, right? WRONG! With so many choices on the market today, it’s easy to overlook important factors when buying for your pet.
It is always advised that you take the time to go over the ingredients listed in your potential purchase, to make sure there are no nasty foreign or hidden ingredients that can be potentially harmful and even fatal to your pet. Recent times have shown several tragic incidences of beloved dogs and cats passing away due to the nasty foreign ingredients included in some pet food brands around America.

Inadequate packaging labels that fail to include all the ingredients that are used in the product make it very difficult for you to recognize potential dangers to your pet. That’s why at Fifi & Fido, we developed these delicious treats with 100% natural ingredients, free from wheat, corn, soy and gluten fillers, to ensure you are making the right choice for your beloved pet and can rest easy knowing your dog is getting a healthy and delicious snack!

Remember not to overfeed your pet with treats, as it disrupts a balanced diet.

Legal Disclaimer: The product statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. On our page, we merely give statements that are in the public domain.

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Product Features

  • LOVE YOUR BUDDY BACK – These delicious, 100% American-made chicken jerky treats will have your little buddy coming back for more! Our slow-baked, home-made recipe will have tails wagging and mouths watering.
  • FREE FROM OVERPOWERING ODOR – Say goodbye to those smelly odors left on your hands after using other brands of treats! We’ve designed Fifi & Fido treats to leave no residue or nasty smells, making them perfect for concealing in the hands or pockets. In fact, these chicken jerky sticks smell so good, you’ll want to try one yourself! (Please don’t…)
  • TRAINING IS A TREAT – Training is made a treat when using Fifi & Fido Chicken Jerky treats – watch how your furry friend will want to impress you for another one of these easily breakable treats!
  • NO NASTY FOREIGN INGREDIENTS – Our treats are made from only the finest quality American chicken, and are free from soy, wheat, gluten and corn fillers – so you can feel safe knowing what goes into your pup’s tummy is nothing but safe, healthy goodness.
  • Don’t love your Fifi & Fido Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs? We will happily send you a FULL REFUND