Smart Cat Box – The ORIGINAL The Smart Cat Box design is amazingly simple. It’s the ultimate litter box for your pets health and your health because the litter is 100% natural, does not stick to paws, 99% dust free and there is less tracking. The urine flows into a reservoir for urinalysis and/or for easy disposal. The urine and solid waste can be disposed of down the toilet. For In-Home Urinalysis see “Smart Cat Box Wellness Screening”. BE PRO-ACTIVE WITH YOUR CATS HEALTH. Recent major trends in Pet Care (Home Testing, Wellness Screening and Pet Insurance) all rely on an efficient, natural and user friendly Urine Collection System. The patented Smart Cat Box is the only litter box that meets the requirements for all three advancements in pet health care. The Smart Cat Box easily and naturally separates liquid and solid feline waste. It is both user friendly and eco-friendly. Cats and their parents love it.

Product Features

  • Uses All Natural Safflower seed – LESS TRACKING – 99% DUST FREE
  • “THIS CAT BOX IS TERRIFIC! Bought a second box for another cat also “filling” his box.Cat box Odors gone away.”
  • Eco-Friendly – Good for the Land Fills, soft under cats paws, cats will cover
  • Contains: 1- Litter Box, 1-Scoop, 2-3.5 Pound Bags Safflower Seed Litter
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