Our Motto at Pure Paws Lifestyle is: ”Love is pure and all paws deserve a better tail wagging healthy lifestyle”. This line of treats A Mutts Story is a soft treat that is delicious and no matter if you have a big Old Great Dane, a young tiny pup, or a toothless friend; they will be begging for more. We are in the business to disprove the Myth “old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. 

These All Beefy soft dog treat bites are perfect for training, or just showing your love to your furry friend. They don’t leave your hands greasy or smelly, like other treats, and are a healthy option with only the highest quality of ingredients, and no fillers or gluten. Pure American Beef is the main ingredient and these treats are packed with protein! After being slowly roasted for 15 hours to lock in the flavor, out comes a tender natural flavored Beefy Treat.

Our family has 4 adopted dogs, every one of them from our giant Great Dane to our little toothless Maltese loves this family recipe.  If you walked anywhere close to the treats you would have 4 wagging tails following you, begging for just one! And while you are sharing the love with your special mutt we will also be sharing the love with gray muzzle senior shelter and rescue dogs waiting on love, to help get them the care they need so they can find a forever home.


Try Out Pure Paws Lifestyle Naturally Slow Smoked Gourmet Beef Sausage Jerky Treats NOW, and make your pooch a happy pooch!!


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Product Features

  • PURE AMERICAN BEEF – Beef, slow smoked for 15 hours, tender and packed with flavor!
  • PREMIUM NATRUAL INGREDIENTS – no fillers, no corn, soy, and Gluten free. Non-greasy, round sausage style jerky stick bites
  • PAY IT FORWARD – a portion of the proceeds of these dog jerky treats go to help rescues & shelters for Senior dog population
  • GREAT FOR TRAINING & SNACK – use for positive reinforcement or just because you love your pup!