animaux – nutrients 365®
Vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support the immune system and overall health

It is important to find the ideal diet for your dog to provide him with all the micronutrients he needs. Nonetheless, our dogs often suffer from nutrient deficiency which can lead to allergies, lack of drive, illness and a dull coat.

With animaux – nutrients 365® we created a balanced formula with ginseng and important vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support your dog’s health in an ideal way.

Ginseng and the vitamins A, D, E and K support the immune system for a strong immune defence
Vitamin B complex supports a healthy metabolism
The trace elements magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium help the body in various regeneration and building processes
Natural flavor carriers, free from additives, free from dextrose, gluten free – the healthy treat, suitable for diabetics

The effects of this product are purely nutrition-related.

Recommended dosage:

Recommended dosage depending on body weight*:
< 10kg: 2 to 3 chewable tablets per day
10-30kg: 3 to 4 chewable tablets per day
30-40kg: 4 to 5 chewable tablets per day
> 40kg: 5 to 6 chewable tablets per day
*if being used in a long-term course of treatment, halve the dosage

animaux – nutrients for pets®

Product Features

  • ? Daily food supplement to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases. Supports the dog’s nutritional balance and the immune defence in a natural way. In cases of general weakness, lack of drive, allergies, skin and coat trouble such as shedding, hair loss and dry, itchy skin
  • ? Vitamin B complex to regenerate the organism. Vitamin A to support eyesight. Biotin and omega 3 fatty acids for strong claws and a healthy coat. Lecithin to activate the fat metabolism. Ginseng, magnesium, calcium and zinc to strengthen the immune system
  • ? Supplement for dogs that are fed raw, pregnant females, puppies and senior dogs
  • ? Free from dextrose and gluten, suitable for diabetics and dogs of every age. Natural flavor carriers and high taste acceptability
  • ? Recommended by veterinarians and animal practitioners