TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER: AFTER PLACING YOUR ORDER, E-MAIL US your Cat’s photo to our e-mail and provide the information below to [email protected] A) The Cat’s name. B) Handler Name if Different from Buyer C) Handler Address if different from Buyer D) Cat’s Registration No. if available (Not Required) Our customized holographic service dog ID cards can be carried by anyone with a service animal per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Allows you to have a hassle free experience where ever you go with your Service Dog. Our ID cards are made from durable PVC Plastic similar to a standard credit card. The Holographic Image lamination on the front of the card adds an official secured look. Proudly Made in The U.S.A.

Product Features

  • 2.125″ x 3.335″ High Quality CR-80, 30 Mil Durable PVC Cards
  • Authentic and Security Holographic Image
  • Will Not Delaminate, Sweat and Waterproof
  • E-Mail Cat’s Picture and Info below to: [email protected]
  • Will provide full access rights and total credibility