100% Canada-Made Healthy, All Natural Dog TreatsDoes it bother you when the label says the product is made from somewhere else other than the countries you trust? With Barkz sweet potato dog treats, you don’t have to worry anymore. In fact, we only have one ingredient: human-grade sweet potatoes that are grown and dried in Canada.We don’t import any ingredient from anywhere. This is to ensure that we can monitor the making process and that our dog treats and chews are safe, healthy and of premium quality.Great Vegetarian Alternative and Healthy Natural Choice Dog TreatsBarkz Sweet Potato Dog Treats makes a nutritious snack for your animal best friend. Absolutely no harmful chemicals, preservatives or additives added into our best dog treats yet. You won’t even see any ingredient you cannot pronounce on the label! The single-ingredient treatment we do is a perfect vegetarian and vegan alternative. They are also made for dogs of all sizes, including senior dogs.Grain Free, Wheat Free Dog TreatsNo poop problems with Barkz Sweet Potato Dog Treats! Because our dog treats and chews are free of gluten, wheat or grain, you won’t have to deal with upset stomach. They are also ideal for dogs that suffer from food allergies and those that are in low-protein diet.Add to cart now, and give your lovable pet the best treat!

Product Features

  • ? PROUDLY MADE IN CANADA. The sweet potatoes for our natural dog chews are grown, harvested and dehydrated right here in Canada to make sure they are only of the highest quality. Absolutely nothing is sourced from China.
  • ? NO PRESERVATIVES, ADDITIVES OR CHEMICALS. Our best dog treats are safe for your furry friend. No added fillers, supplementary claims or other nasty ingredients that may upset your dog’s stomach or, worse, make him sick. Less worry for you.
  • ? PROMOTE GOOD DIGESTION. Barkz dog treats and chews are made from a single ingredient: sweet potatoes,which are a great source of dietary fiber. This is necessary for digestive health and helps with loose stools.
  • ? HEALTHY DOG TREATS FOR A MAN’S BEST FRIEND. Sweet potatoes are a pack full of health benefits. They are rich in vitamins C and B6, manganese and the powerful antioxidant beta-carotene, all essential for your dog’s vision, fur quality and growth.
  • ? SWEET NATURAL DOG TREATS YOUR DOG WILL LOVE. Sweet potatoes have that natural sweet flavor that most dogs crave for. These dog chews are perfectly sized for all dogs. They don’t stain, too. The dog treats come in resealable bag for easy storage.