Dogs are family. Period. They deserve only the best natural ingredients and that’s why it’s important to remember that not all dog treats are created equal. Pet parents should sniff out all the facts. Buckley Functional Jerky, Immunity, Beef Liver, Pet Treats are for parents who truly care about their pets and believe in pet car-especially those parents who want to bolster their pets’ immune systems. At Buckley we believe best is better and less is more. You’ll see that our ingredient panels are short and easy to read because we don’t use any fillers or junk. Our jerky is a crunchy treat for your dog’s teeth and easily broken for portion control and training. Responsible pet owners ask questions about ingredients and country of origin. Take a lesson from your dog and do some digging. You might be surprised by what you find. Buckley products are 100-Percent USA-sourced and USA-made to ensure quality and safety. That’s right, real food, produced in the USA. Moreover, all Buckley pet treats are made in cGMP and HACCP certified facilities with the highest available standards because your pets deserve the best. Thanks to our short supply chains and human-grade ingredients, our products allow parents of pets from all walks of life to have access to the absolute best pet treats available. Happiness is knowing your dog and pets, can enjoy safe, tasty, real food in their Buckley pet snacks. Even better, while your dog is enjoying Buckley tasty snacks, someone in America has a job because of it. A win-win for all of us.

Product Features

  • Premium Jerky Beef Liver treats with supplements that bolster your pets immune system and promotes general health
  • Adjunctive therapy for cats or dogs recovering from cancer sickness or trauma and may be used as a preventative
  • With whole food antioxidants blueberries cranberries and chia yet no fillers
  • Breakable for easy portion control or training
  • Made and sourced in the USA with the finest ingredients