Premium Grade A Deer Antler Dog Chews. Hand Picked and Hand Sorted to Ensure Highest Quality

BullySticks Organic Deer Antler are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals for your dog. Avoid chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients that are bad for your pet’s health. Treat your pet to this non-allergenic, odor free, all natural chew toy!

No more chewed up shoes or furniture from bored dogs and puppies. You can now keep your dog’s teeth clean, while keeping him or her busy and happy. Guaranteed safe and dog-approved! Get only the best and the healthiest dog treats and chews for your beloved furry friend!


Product Features

  • DOG ORAL CARE – Reindeer antlers are great for cleaning your pet’s teeth and help prevent tartar. Ensure good dog oral hygiene to avoid bad breath! Choose a toy that promotes clean and healthy gums, teeth, and mouth.
  • NATURAL SOURCE OF ESSENTIAL MINERALS – Holistic and nutritious dog treat. Provides Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc, which are important to your dog’s overall health.
  • SAFE, HYPOALLERGENIC, CHEMICAL FREE – Made from 100% naturally-shed elk antlers. No unhealthy artificial ingredients or additives. Safe for older dogs, small dogs and puppies, and breeds of all sizes.
  • LONG LASTING – Compared to traditional dog bones, these chew toys are more durable. Keep your canine companion busy, happy, and chewing longer! Best for strong or active chewers. Each antler may slightly vary in height, length and shape.
  • ODOR FREE – Odorless and residue-free goodness for your dog. No need to worry about stinky, greasy mess on your floors or hands.