Dog Liver Treats

Dog Liver Treats

If you are looking for a gluten free dog liver treat because your dog has trouble digesting grains or has an allergy to grains causing itching and scratching.
Grains take longer for your dogs digestive system to process than a grain free free diet. Your dog will benefit from Dog Liver Treats from Muttropolis called Liver Lovers Munchers which contain only chicken liver, garbanzo bean flour and garlic sizing. Garbanzo beans are high in protein and dietary fiber.

Rice Instead Of Grains Dog Liver Treats

Another liver dog treat that will get your dogs taste buds going is a beef and liver sausage wrapped in beef rawhide. Instead of grains the sausage contains rice as a filler. This 8 inch liver dog treat  goes by the name Merricks Beef and Liver Rollo dog Treat.

Single Source Gluten & Grain Free Dog Liver Treats

Dog liver treats made from buffalo raised in the USA called  Dry Roasted Buffalo Liver Chunks Dog Treats, a single source grain free, gluten free high protein snack without salt, sugar or preservatives. The buffalo liver is antibiotic free and without added hormones.

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