Material?safety and environmental protection of the rubber

Color : yellow

Size: 3.2 inches

Package: 1 dog learning ball

1.In order to ensure the health of the pet, please clean it regularly, and disinfection.
2.In order to ensure no accidental swallowing. This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen the toy should then be discarded.
3.Although we use the very strong non-toxic rubber, but it does not means that toys can not be destruction by the dog. On the contrary, if the dog’s temperament and occlusal behavior has strong destructive, its destructive force will much larger than the normal dog, even if it’s just a very small dog. So we highly recommend when you put toys to your dog at first time, Please observe it, once you found the strong destructive biting behavior , please stop, so the dog will understand you don’t like this kind of behavior, that it will be somewhat convergent. So after a period of training, dog destructive bite will be reduced, the service life of the toy will greatly extended.

Why your dog need this ball?
1.Dogs often take destructive actions to relieve stress, restraint, and loneliness.
2.Usually some adult dogs chasing its tail is due to he was bored, he is looking for ways to entertain themselves. If this action is bothering you, you can try to give him lots of fun toys, which can help him to break up the monotony.
3.Keep fit, some dogs are lazy, usually do not love sports, leading to obesity, serious impact on health, playing with a toy is a good method of solving this problem.
4.It is conducive to the promotion of your feelings and pets, dogs like play with their master.

Product Features

  • Keep fit! Use as a mealtime feeder for dogs,slow down the speed of the food falling down from the ball, it will keep your pet in shape
  • Safe and non-toxic! The safety and environmental protection of the rubber material, will not harm the dog
  • Very resistant to bite! Help the dog grind its tooth, making teeth more robust
  • Accompany the dog at home, can satisfy the dog to chew the appetite, ease its irritable mood
  • Avoid the dog to destroy the environment, reduce the dog’s loneliness