This dog treat toy is made of top-quality rubber that is not just proven and tested durable but is also eco-friendly, non-toxic with no pungent smell to ensure it’s 100% safe for your furry friends. You can fill with yummy treat and gourmet inside while the other end is designed to dispense thus, no need to buy another treat ball for other smaller treats for your pets! With quality and performance driven, it will not only fill their hunger but also keep them happy and entertained. It’s soft but is puncture-resistant making it perfect for small dogs and even ideal for tough chewers without doubts that it may get broken anytime soon. Rest assured that this will last for a very long time. Available in variety of colorways to choose what best fit for your pets.

If you are need the perfect ball that can make your pets feel great while making your jobs easier then this Treat ball is the one you are looking for! Because of it’s softness and durability, it’s easier to clean plus it is dishwasher safe so you can wash and use them again and again! This dog treat ball saves you a lot of money too because it serves so many purposes such as a pet training ball, a treat dispensing ball, an ideal training tool for pets, toys for boredom and plain entertainment and a great present whenever your pets do something amazing and whenever you just want to make their days joyful. Just with one dog treat toy, you can make your furry loveones feel great without breaking the bank and without sacrificing quality.

Product Features

  • A treat dispensing ball exclusively designed for Small and Medium-sized dogs ensure it’s quality, durability and safety for your pet dogs. You can provide a better quality of living for your pet filled with sweet treats that you can use for many purposes.
  • This dog puzzle toy features a beanie ball that you can fill with Small treats while the other end is designed to dispense other small treats. No need to buy another treat ball!
  • This dog treat toy is made of 100% top-notch quality rubber with non-toxic materials with no pungent smell to ensure that it’s safe for the pets plus it’s much easier to clean and maintain.
  • Good treat with puncture-resistant features- ideal for tough chewers to last for a long time. Saves you money from buying dog treat toy from time to time.
  • This ever lasting treat ball is one of the best treats that you can give to your pets after doing well in training or just to make them feel good after an interactive play.