Dolly’s Delight Organic Gourmet Parrot Food

Fit for human consumption this organic blend ensures you are providing your pet with the finest food in the world. Invest and protect in your birds health. Don’t feed your birds unnatural GMO processed food.

Does your beloved feathered companions deserve the best?

Feed your birds the way nature intended.

Your birds will love Dolly’s Delights products

1 lb. of organic gourmet blend of the finest fruit and nuts.

The organic blend consists of apricots, papaya, dates, raisins, coconut, raw pistachios, raw walnuts, raw almonds, raw cashews, raw pecans and raw hazelnuts.

A great addition to your bird’s diet. Serve as part of a well balanced diet or as a treat. – Also a great training aid.

Certified Organic – Non GMO – Certified Gluten Free – No preservatives or food coloring – Earth Kosher, Fair Trade Certified

Sourced from local farmers.

Suitable for all birds and humans.

Keep refrigerated for a longer shelf life.

16 Oz./1 lb

Product Features

  • Certifed Organic and Gluten Free
  • Gourmet Fruit & Nuts, Dried Fruit & Raw Nuts
  • Apricots, Papaya, Medjool Dates, Raisins, Coconut, Roasted Unsalted Pistachios, Raw Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans and Hazelnuts
  • Parrot Treats/Food
  • 1 pound, 16 Oz.