Everlasting Fire Plug Toy

Everlasting Dog Treats
For the Everlasting Dog Treats Ball
And Everlasting Dog Treats Fire Plug Toy

Everlasting Dog Treats
Everlasting Dog Treats are a hard dental chew and snack made from natural ingredients and 100% edible which can be chewed on their own or inserted into an everlasting dog treat ball also known as an everlasting dog treats fire plug toy to provide a much more challenging and long lasting chew.

Made from a durable material that does not tear, the everlasting dog treats fire plug toy is also dishwasher safe! Everlasting dog treats have a profile that helps clean your dogs teeth when gnawing. Insert one everlasting dog treat in either side of the fire plug toy with some of your dogs favorite kibble in the center which will provide an additional challenge for your dog while providing satisfying relief to teeth and gums.

Flavours & Ingredients

Everlasting Dog Treats are available in three sizes to fit the small, medium or large Everlasting Treat Balls. Flavours are chicken, liver, barbeque, and vanilla mint. Everlasting dog treats come in refill-packs of two. The everlasting treat ball can also be filled with kibble in the center portion so that once your dog has got thru the hard exterior they can enjoy their favourite snack.

The ingredients include:

    • Wheat gluten
    • Gelatin
    • Water
    • Glycerin
    • Natural flavoring
    • Corn gluten meal
    • Garlic powder
    • Brewer’s yeast
    • Lecithin
    • Sodium diacetate
    • Vegetable gum

The Benefits of providing your dogs
with a dog treat that is “Everlasting”

Everlasting Dog treats can provide not only a good chew but could occupy your dog for hours. Of course you can always give a dog a bone but unless you have access to fresh meat and bones daily this could be difficult. Even then the bones have to be boiled until the meat is cooked but who wants to do this several times a week?

Everlasting Dog Treat (Treat as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is “An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure”) everlasting dog treats would surely come under this description?

Dog toys such as the everlasting fire plug ball or a toy that is refillable provides a much greater challenge! Giving them a treat or chew that is hard and long lasting will keep our dogs teeth in good condition and provide the necessary massaging of their gums. Dogs that are occupied with a treat provided for them (Rather than the dogs helping themselves to your favourite slippers) is the most practical solution especially when we are busy away from home (Or just busy with household chores) Besides knowing that your dogs can only chew their dog treat is surely best for them and us!

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Note: Everlasting Dog Treats in the context of being everlasting is a dogs dream but it depends entirely on your dogs ability to rip and tear open containers and devour the contents! So as with any other dog toy, dogs should be supervised when testing their new toys!