EverPawTM Blood Glucose Monitoring System conveniently tests blood glucose to regulate your pet’s diabetes. You can perform a blood glucose test anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently. EverPawTM Blood Glucose Testing Kit collaborated for dogs and cats. The starter kit (sold separately) includes everything you need to test and monitor your dog or cats blood glucose levels. EverPawTM Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed to be less painful and super easy to use. EverPawTM Blood Glucose System great benefits are: Extremely simple to use only a tiny blood sample required Results in less than 5 seconds 500 Memory with date & time Alarm Reminder.

Product Features

  • INCLUDES: 50 EverPaw Test Strips (ONLY). Complete Starter kit sold separately
  • For use with EverPaw Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Super easy to use
  • Fast and accurate results in less then 5 seconds
  • Long and fresh expiration dates