NO MEALS, NO GRAINS, NO BY-PRODUCTS OR FILLERS OF ANY KIND: Kong Farmer’s Basket Gourmet Chicken and Turkey Jerky Cat Treats are each made with a single, natural, easy to digest ingredient: either chicken or turkey, and are then packaged in an easy to use zip pouch for optimal freshness and taste that will put some added pep into your cat’s step. Whether you’ve got a picky eater who appreciates a little garnish on the evening kibble, or you just want to reward your little prince or princess for being awesome, Kong Farmer’s Basket Chicken and Turkey Jerky Crumbled Cat Treats have got you covered. *** Though they may be intended for cats, they’re also great for training small dogs and puppies. Click ADD TO CART NOW to get yours today! 4-pack includes two bags each of scrumptious chicken and turkey snack crumbles. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein: minimum 63.0% Crude Fat: minimum 3.0% Crude Fiber: maximum 2.5% Moisture: maximum 12.0%

Product Features

  • Gourmet Pet Treats Made With All Natural Ingredients: Each bag contains real, high protein, low calorie chewy freeze-dried chicken or turkey, no more, no less- which is as it should be.
  • Each Piece Is Easy to Digest: Contains No Wheat, Corn or Soy- No allergy or digestion triggers makes for a happy, healthy cat!
  • No Trace of Artificial Colors, Preservatives or Fillers: Premium products don’t need a whole slew of ingredients to satisfy your cat’s needs. Simple and honest is the way to go, and Kong Farmer’s Basket Freeze Dried Chicken and Turkey Pet Snacks delivers.
  • Premium Cat Treats Made in Canada, by Kong, a Company Pet Owners Trust: No worry of lead or poisonous additives that might get overlooked in treats made overseas. Rest assured that these crumbles have the high standards you expect in a premium product.
  • Shipped in Four Resealable Pouches and Hassle-Free Bulk Packaging: Fresh snacks make the best snacks! Easy to open and seal packaging keeps your cat’s treats as mouth-watering and delectable as they were the day you opened them.