Helps freshen doggie breath! Helps clean teeth; Great meaty taste; Fortified with 12 essential vitamins and minerals. The hard crunchy texture of Milk-Bone Original Biscuits can help clean teeth and freshen breath. As your dog chews, Milk-Bone Original Biscuits help remove residual food particles from your dog’s teeth, thereby helping to freshen breath. Calorie and Fat Content per Biscuit: 40 Calories; 1g Fat. 3250 kcal/kg (Calculated). Calorie requirements are variable based on size and activity level. Check with your veterinarian if you have questions about your dog’s caloric requirements.

Product Features

  • Helps clean teeth
  • Helps freshen breath
  • Includes 12 vitamins & minerals
  • Wholesome and tasty
  • Produced in Buffalo, New York