BUNDLED! Elk Antler + Beef Tendons! Petra Pets Elk Antler Pet Treats are harvested in the USA, washed with pure water and cut to size. No chemicals or toxins are used in the processing of our dog treats. Elk antlers are a sustainable product, which makes them good for the planet, helps to sustain jobs in the USA, and offers great low calorie nutrition to the family dog. Dental health is so important to our pets general health, it is a bonus that they clean teeth and massage the gums thus improving oral wellness. Petra Pets is determined to offer the best natural pet treats available.

Product Features

  • All Natural ELK ANTLER CHEWS. An animal friendly renewable resource, harvested by hand dog treats made right here in the USA . Low calorie completely digestible dog chews are perfect for diabetic or weight problem dogs.
  • The only treat that offers the purest source of calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium in a long lasting, non-messy, odor free snack. Low calorie dog chews are perfect for diabetic or weight problem dogs. FREE BONUS – 3 beef tendon pet treats.
  • Dog Dental Chews for optimum pet oral health. Save money while caring for man’s best friend with long lasting delicious pet treats. Nature designed texture cleans plaque and tartar from teeth, resulting in fresher breath. No pet toothbrushes means a happier, healthier dog.
  • Training Toy that Every Dog and Puppy Loves – The instinctual need to chew is met, keeping your pet happy while you are away from home. Break the furniture chewing habit now!
  • No odor or greasy mess – better than bones or Greenies. No additives, preservatives, bi-products or processing like Natural Balance rawhide , Pedigree, or Beneful dog treats. 100% natural nutrition and flavor that dogs love. We guarantee if your dog is not happy, we will refund your money!