PetzPaws 100% Real Beef Liver Treats for Dogs are crunchy, healthy, grain free, natural pieces of the finest quality USA beef liver. Produced in a facility in the United States that adheres to global food safety standards, our dog treats are naturally smoked and slow roasted to lock in the high quality flavor. Super-healthy and delicious meat treats

Product Features

  • ALL NATURAL 100% BEEF LIVER TREATS, MADE IN THE USA – Our 100% beef liver treats for dogs are all natural, with no gluten, soy, wheat or corn. Because we love animals, we make healthy, grain free dog treats with no fillers so you know that your cherished pup is getting only the best ingredients in his doggy treats. Now you can feel good about giving your dog treats, since they’re made in the USA in a facility that adheres to global food safety standards.
  • HEALTHY TRAINING TREAT FOR DOGS – Training your dog has now become easier, since they’ll do just about any trick to earn one of these delicious treats! Did we mention convenience? Just put a strip into your pocket and break off a piece whenever your dog earns a reward. Dogs can’t resist liver, and they’ll love the hard, crunchy texture of these snacks.
  • NO GREASY, SMELLY HANDS – Don’t worry about stocking your pocket full of these yummy dog treats – they leave no greasy mess or smell on your hands, so go ahead and be prepared to reward your dog whenever he does a new trick or obeys a new command. Keep the treat bag sealed in between uses to retain freshness, and these beef liver treats will be ready when your pup shows off his new trick!
  • DOGS LOVE THEM – GUARANTEED! – We know your pup will love these treats, guaranteed! Why spend a lot of money on store bought dog treats that your dog ends up not liking anyway? Our treats are 100% real beef liver – no mysterious ingredients, and no worries. Save money while guaranteeing a happy pup!
  • GREAT GIFT FOR DOG LOVERS – Need a gift for a friend with a recently adopted dog? Both your friend and her new fur baby will appreciate a bag of yummy liver treats to help the dog adjust to their new forever home. And because you can break off any size piece, these dog treats are perfect for small, medium and large dogs of any breed, so be sure keep a few bags on hand.