Simba’s Choice jerky dog treats with real USA Beef and Chicken are the perfect healthy snack for your furry family member!

Dogs unfortunately suffer from bouts of indigestion, allergies and food illnesses from the food they are fed, just like many humans. The only difference is that they can’t control the menu they are being served – they have to rely on you, their owner.

With some of the best selling treats and snacks containing toxic artificial preservatives like Propylene Glycol (a thick colorless liquid that is used in antifreeze solutions), it is no wonder that many dogs are suffering. Extra preservatives are often used by major brands in mass market retailers to extend shelf life. Not good for your dog!

We created Simba’s choice because we wanted a safe, healthy, natural protein snack for our beloved Sharpei – Simba. We spent months looking at treat recipes and testing them. Since Simba loves great beef and chicken and a little sweet potato, we created an all natural healthy recipe that was an instant tail wager!

Each 7″ inch premium rolled stick in an easy to open resealable 16 oz pouch is packed with high protein with no meals and fillers – just healthy goodness and flavor your dog will love.

As your dog sits patiently, tail wagging and head cocked to the side in loving anticipation – feel confident that you are giving them the very best. Your dog will love you even more!

Beef, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt, Dried Cultured Skim Milk, Sweet Potato, Mixed Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Product Features

  • GRAIN FREE, GLUTEN FREE all natural dog treats, no artificial preservatives. May aid in dog digestion and a healthy dog coat and with itching associated with dog skin allergies.
  • HIGH PROTEIN DOG FOOD with no meals or fillers, just USA made dog treats with premium real meat and sweet potato, great wellness treats that help build lean dog muscle and mimics a natural diet for dogs.
  • NO CORN, WHEAT OR SOY which could be harmful to your dog. Enjoy safe, gourmet dog treats in rolled 7″ chewy sticks for small and large dog breeds.
  • DOG TREATS MADE IN THE USA ONLY – Sourced and made in the USA in a USDA Certified Facility. Quality dog food in pet supplies you can trust.
  • GRAIN FREE DOG TRAINING TREATS are perfect for everyday dog training and a great travel treat in the handy resealable pouch. Simba’s Choice jerky treats are dog treat recipes that make your dog obey because they want their savory jerky snack food reward!