Stop Dogs Chewing Everything-Except Dog Treats!

We all know dogs like to to chew, its only natural, but chewing need not be destructive if it is directed at items you choose rather than trying to stop dogs chewing things available in its environment. Puppies can be teething up to six months from birth so its important to only allow your dog to chew on acceptable items. Having something to chew will relieve the pain and discomfort of toothing. Chewing also relieves boredom which will not set in if your dog has a toy or something which is their own, a trophy they can keep and guard.

Stop Dogs Chewing Furniture
Dogs left on their own for for long periods may eventually suffer from anxiety which could lead to destructive chewing so it pays to provide your dog with its own toys and chews as part of its development and just like children they need you to be there to guide them about acceptable behaviour not just stop chewing but to stop dogs chewing furniture For a more detailed explanation visit

Overcoming Dog Behaviour Problems is much easier when you have the right information from an expert about how to

Solve all your dog and puppy problems now…

  •  Behavior to people or other dogs
  •   In the car, at the fence or when left alone
  •  Never relaxes, never stops going
  •  Scared or nervous
  •  Won’t come when called, won’t heel
  •   Chewing, mouthing, stealing – at any time, any place
  • Toileting in the wrong place
  • Unpredictable or crazy behavior
  • Separation anxiety–crying or stressing when you’re out, chewing, barking 

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The bottom line for dogs is that they like to chew to exercise their gums and to clean their teeth as they would when they are given real bones. They gnaw the bones and extract the marrow by using their teeth. Thankfully we don’t have to keep buying and cooking bones when there are alternatives available for our dogs and puppies ranging from antler chews, dried beef tendons, baked chicken, dried pork hide, dried pigs ears, dried liver to dental bones as well as hard biscuits with beneficial ingredients too numerous to mention.

You just have to check out available dog chews and try them out (Not you, the dog!) until your dog finds the one that that is preferred to the furniture. To stop a dog chewing entirely is not the objective here but by providing an alternative in chews the odds are in your favour that your dog will prefer a dog chew or treat to chewing any other piece of furniture

Soft or crunchy, hard or chewy?

What a dilemma but the return on your  investment in time and money will be rewarded. Anyway a dog chew or dog treat is a lot cheaper than buying new furniture! Natural Dog Chews and Bones

Stopping your dog from chewing everything in sight is easily dealt with by removal or distraction just like with children. The real problem is finding the right dog treat or chew that will get your dogs full interest!