You may ask WHY YOUR DOG NEEDS A BALL? There are so many reasons for you:
1. A good toy ball can accompany dogs, diverts them from lonely when they are home alone.
2. Playing a toy ball will make your dog smarter!
3. A good ball can help clean dog’s tooth.
This Dog Ball is made from soft natural rubber, non-toxic and non-abrasive felt. The special grooves of the toy can help clean the teeth and interdental spaces of your dog. At the same time, the gum will be gently massaged by playing with this ball. This will be a great gift for your dog!

It will increase dog’s interest in playing with the ball if you put some food into the gaps of ball. According the study of dogs behavior, dogs might be possessive when there is only one toy. And sometimes dogs like different toys. So prepare 3~5 different toys for dogs will be better for them. We suggest that do not give all the toys to your dog at the same time. After a period of time give him or her another toy. Days later give the former one back to exchange that new one. So this could keep dog’s interest of a toy.

Product Features

  • These Dog’s Balls are made of Non-Toxic soft safety rubber material. Non-abrasive felt, just be assured that letting pets bite it.
  • The toy balls are strong, bouncy, tough, tennis balls size. It won’t be destroyed by dogs’ bite. Suitable for any naughty active dogs.
  • Sawtooth antiskid design of the dog balls grooves fit the tooth shape of dog. It can help cleaning pets’ tooth and massage pets’ gums.
  • Makes this dog toy ball a gift for your lovely pet. Play with it, dog will reduce damage to furniture and feel less lonely when you are not home.
  • Good for most ages and breeds of dogs as pet training/outdoor playing/chewing balls.