GRAIN FREE GREATNESS! Whether it is a chicken, beef, or fish based formula, we start by flaking the fleshy, meaty cuts off the bone. We then hand place these ingredients into cans, thereby allowing you to see the cuts we use and how we process them. By using lean cuts, such as the only cut of chicken we use, boneless, skinless white breast chicken, we keep both calorie content and fat content low. This 12 pack contains the following formulas: Polynesian BBQ Asian Fusion Mack & Jack Mideast Feast Marbella Paella Outback Grill Meow Luau Funky Chunky Grandma’s Chicken Soup Nine Liver Green Eggs and Chicken Paw Lickin’ Chicken

Product Features

  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • 12 Great Varieties to Choose From
  • Product Mix Listed in Description
  • Great for trying out with Finicky Cats.
  • Polynesian BBQ, Asian Fusion, Mack & Jack, Mideast Feast, Marbella Paella, Outback Grill, Meow Luau, Funky Chunky, Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Nine Liver Green Eggs, and Chicken Paw Lickin’ Chicken