Why Dogs Chew

Why Dogs Chew

There is not a dog owner anywhere that doesn’t have at least one tale about something that their dog has chewed or demolished at some stage in time. Puppies have been known to gnaw everything from your footwear to remote controls and everything in between. Although a dog utilizes his teeth to explore the world it does not mean that he has to ruin your house or your things.

Going through the teething phase is part of having a young puppy. This is the period when a dog’s baby teeth drop out and their mature teeth come in. As the fresh teeth begin to come out a puppy’s oral cavity will get very sore and irritated. To try and take away the pain a puppy will almost certainly gnaw everything in sight. A good thing that you can do at this stage is prepare yourself.

The dog ought to be provided with numerous things around the house that are his to chew on. You can even wish to freeze a few of his things. The cold will help to relieve his painful jaws. If you don’t have any playthings that will freeze it’s possible to freeze particular food items. Ice cubes are perfect for this. There is not a family dog around that will avoid a frozen beef broth ice cube. Or you might wish to think about chilling a carrot or even a couple of apple slices.

Be Careful not give your dog or puppy your old slippers to chew!

Any time you are supplying playthings for your friend to munch it is a wise course of action to stay away from acquiring anything that looks like items that you don’t want the animal to damage. Many people permit their pet dogs to munch on an old running shoe and then question why the dog has just consumed their brand new pair of high heels. Should your children use a lot of stuffed animals it might not be a good plan to acquire anything for the dog that is comparable. There is no point in confusing the dog.

Do not surrender! You and the dog will make it through, if you make sure that you have lots of goodies for the puppy to munch on and make certain that they are things that will interest the puppy. There is no point in investing in a lot of random items that your dog isn’t keen on. And be certain to exchange broken or defective toys since you don’t want them to become a choking risk. Prep work and patience are the key to getting through this aspect of a puppy’s life. A simple distraction for a bored or teething canine is to have all it’s toys in a box nearby to keep your dog or puppy occupied.

Rewarding your dog for good behaviour or after a walk is a good time to offer them a dog treat not only for their teeth and gums but for keeping them occupied. Playing with your dogs and giving them plenty of exercise will keep you fit as well!

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